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Volts | Scotland's Top AC/DC Tribute Band



All band members provide own backline

Drums : Iain

5-piece Sonor kit

Lead guitar : Craig

Gibson SG Standard 1962 reissue

Gibson SG Standard

Marshall JCM900 50w head

1960AX 4x12 cab 

Line 6 wireless

Rhythm guitar : John

Gretsch 'Malcolmatic' (heavily-modded 5445 Double Jet)

Gretsch 5441 Double Jet

Marshall JCM900 100w head

1960AX 4x12 cab 

Line 6 wireless


Bass guitar : Tony

Musicman Stingray

Musicman Stingray SUB

Genz Benz Streamliner amp

Ampeg 610

HLF Sony & Line 6 wireless

Microphone requirements

Venue/engineer to provide all of the following unless alternative arrangements are agreed in advance


1 x lead vocal

2 x bv up front

1 x bv for drummer

Cabling for all mics


Drum mic-ing

Kick, snare, overheads


Guitar mic-ing 

SM57s or equivalent on guitar cabs

DI out from bass head



3 up front

1 for drummer


Venue/engineer should provide all appropriate stage lighting

Photos © Cyndi Mcmillan. Live footage courtesy of Paul MacEwan and Tom Thorburn